Subject: Get a good start with EVY LIGHT

Dear [name],


Thank you very much for your purchase of EVY LIGHT ® and congratulations on being a pioneer in gamma brain wave stimulation ?


My name is [OC NAME] and I am writing to you as I am going to be your personal contact person from OptoCeutics and would like to get you started with the use of EVY LIGHT®.


Firstly, you should know that you can contact me at any time if there is anything you are in doubt about. I'd love to hear about both your highs and lows!


Write to me at:

Call OptoCeutics on: 50 20 60 71


I have attached 3 links below that should hopefully get you started and answer your first and most basic questions.


1. EVY LIGHT ® Onboarding Video [link]


2. EVY LIGHT ® User Manual [link]


3. Link to the FAQ on our website [link]

To make sure that you are off to a good start and that your expectations have been met with our device, I would like to call you in approx. one month's time. Here we can talk a little about how the use of EVY LIGHT ® is going and whether there is anything we can do to improve your experience.


If you don't want to be called, just let me know ☎️


Once again, thank you very much for your purchase of EVY LIGHT ®!


The best greetings,