Absolutely not! It is completely non-invasive with great cognition enhancing potential.

Not only is Masked 40 Hz Light patented with OptoCeutics, but our technology within EVY LIGHT® is completely safe.

EVY LIGHT® is CE marked and FCC marked, meaning that we have verified compliance with the essential safety requirements as indicated in the applicable American plus European Directive and Regulation bodies. We have also investigated the safety of the intervention in our clinical study ALZLIGHT Pilot.

We recommend being mindful in using EVY LIGHT® near the 4 hours before going to bed, as it could alter your sleep pattern, but it truly depends on the individual, as some people prefer it near bedtime.

Moreover, people who suffer from photosensitivity or are susceptible to epileptic seizures might negatively react to the stroboscopic effect of the light, even though it's barely visible. Therefore, we encourage anyone who might be at risk to first contact their doctor before using EVY LIGHT®.